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Remodeled kitchen adds style and function

Like many homeowners in older homes - Amy and Alice wanted to remodel their kitchen for many years. They had interviewed numerous companies – most brought back solutions that were very complex and more money than they wanted to spend. 

Whole Builders worked with them – and their budget – to create a great design which provides a much better layout, as well as beautiful and spacious cabinets.

The final product has received high reviews from their friends and family!



Before remodel
Custom cabinetry and kitchen remodel by Whole Builders

Before: The sink and dishwasher were located in a walkway and across the kitchen from appliances and storage areas.

After: The sink is located closer to the windows overlooking the back yard and the dark granite countertop and black knobs complement the stainless steel/black appliances to make the room visually stunning. White wall tiles are easy to clean and keep the room bright and the pipes that used to run down this in front of this wall (see photo below) are no longer visible. Custom designed cabinets wide enough for plates have been added above the dishwasher - no more walking clear across the kitchen to put away plates and cups!

Before remodel - fridge
Before remodel - stove
Custom cabinetry and kitchen remodel by Whole Builders

Before: With refrigerator, stove and microwave all located in separate areas of the room, the kitchen wasn't very functional. In addition, opening the oven door blocked the doorway and was a safety hazard and the pipes ran on the outside of the walls.

After: New stainless steel stove and microwave that match the existing refrigerator are nestled into beautiful custom-designed wood cabinets that make it easy to reach for a pot, cooking utensils, spices and other ingredients while cooking!

Before remodel - cabinets

Before: Cabinets were painted white and drawers without sliders were cumbersome.

After: Beautiful light wood cabinets and showcase glass doors add sophistication and elegance to the room.

Custom cabinetry and kitchen remodel by Whole Builders

Before: The kitchen had very little storage and functional work space.

After: The sink and dishwasher have been replaced with a desk to meet the lifestyle needs of the owners and a combination of open and closed upper cabinets that provide additional storage and functionality to the kitchen.

Custom cabinetry by Whole Builders